She-Hulk Finale Ending Explained: Hulk’s Return and THAT Cameo

At the end of World War Hulk, readers were shown that through some kind of mystical cocoon created by Caiera, Skaar, Son of Hulk, had survived. This radioactive barbarian lived and fought on what remained of Sakaar for a little while before coming to Earth with a mission to kill his father. As Bruce Banner was depowered at the time, Skaar reluctantly hung around him for a little while, biding his time for the Hulk’s return so they could fight to the death.

This was during a time when there were just Hulk characters everywhere. General Ross had become the Red Hulk with his daughter Betty becoming Red She-Hulk. Rick Jones became the new Abomination, calling himself A-Bomb. Not only did Skaar have an insane twin brother Hiro-Kala, but also a half-sister from an alternate future named Lyra.

This status quo led to the 2013 animated series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., where Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Skaar, and A-Bomb were a superhero team. They had to alter Skaar’s origins quite a bit here and removed all the backstory about being the Hulk’s son.

The Hulk Family Future

Once the Hulk Family Era had run its course, Marvel put the genie back in the bottle. During one of his “best of both worlds” phases where Hulk had Banner’s intellect, the gamma giant became fearful of what would happen if any of the Hulks reached the age of mental deterioration. He went on a one-man mission to depower all the other Hulks, except She-Hulk, who protected herself with lawyer mumbo jumbo. Skaar was written out by losing his power, though presumably still having his mother’s stone powers. He went off to find his own path as a human.

Skaar later got re-gamma’d because it’s comics. He has not been a big player in a long time, but that might change with this sudden MCU appearance.

Speaking of, what does this mean for the MCU? It’s possible that we are heading towards a loose World War Hulk adaptation, albeit one where Skaar’s existence is already apparent. Universal’s hold on the release of Hulk solo movies is set to expire in 2023, so they have plenty of time to finally give Mark Ruffalo the project he’s been wanting.

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