She-Hulk Finally Fulfills The Promise Of That Iron Man Post Credits Scene

Like every Marvel Disney+ show so far, “She-Hulk” has brought something new to the table that we haven’t seen before. “WandaVision” brought meta commentary and sitcom tropes, “Ms. Marvel” brought a Disney Channel series tone, “Moon Knight” brought psychological horror, now “She-Hulk” is bringing the workplace sitcom to the MCU. Aside from the many MCU Easter eggs and references, the show brings a funny, bright, low-key vibe to this franchise that sets it apart from the other titles.

But while most of the attention has gone to big cameos like Bruce Banner, Wong, and the gift that is Madisynn, what really makes the show unique is its introduction of smaller people with powers, like Titania or Mr. Immortal. These are not some grand villains to be taken down by the end of the season, or characters with a deeper connection to the protagonist, but simply small-scale side characters with powers. Where did their powers come from? Who cares, what matters is that “She-Hulk” is making its world, and therefore the MCU, feel larger by showing us that there are more superpowered individuals than just the Avengers and their villains. Iron Man was not the first superhero, we just haven’t seen the rest of the superpowered people yet.

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