Star Trek: Picard Actor Promises Surprising Season 3 Fangirl Moment

Given the interactions we’ve seen thus far, we know that he’s not referring to Picard, Riker, or Dr. Crusher. He may be referring to Deanna Troi or Worf, both of whom have played small roles this season, but have not yet met Shaw. But the most likely choice is a character that has not yet made his return: Geordi La Forge. In the most recent episode of PicardNo Win Scenario,” Shaw revealed that he left Starfleet Academy as an engineer, which means that he’s most likely to admire the man who worked miracles on the Enterprise-D and -E.

Of course, there has been a LaForge present on Shaw’s bridge, Geordi’s daughter Sidney. Despite earning the nickname “Crash” for smashing two shuttles in the Academy, La Forge was assigned to the Titan-A as a helmsman. And if Shaw has such exuberant feelings for her father, he has done a good job hiding them, treating Ensign La Forge with the same gruff professionalism that he extends to everyone else (who isn’t Picard or Riker, that is).

Whoever his Enterprise crush may be, Shaw will still have the courage of his convictions, something that drew Stashwick to the character. “When you hear his logic, and you hear his reasoning, even in Episode 1, you’re like, ‘The guy’s got a point,’” the actor explained. “Even if it’s delivered caustically, sarcastically, dripping with sarcasm, or passive-aggression, he’s not wrong.”

If indeed he has undying love for Geordi La Forge, then Shaw’s record of not being wrong will remain unbroken.

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