Superman Lives, Dogma II, And 10 More Movies & TV Shows Kevin Smith Almost Made

The original “Dogma” is infamous for several reasons, primarily its skewering look at Catholicism and its inaccessibility on streaming or home video. However, it was still a critical and commercial success, remaining Smith’s highest-grossing film. Because of this, it was probably inevitable that a sequel would at least be considered, and a tragic world event actually became the genesis for that idea. On the View Askewniverse forums in 2005, Smith revealed that the September 11 attacks, especially the ultra-religious responses to them, made him consider a thematic sequel.

“I mean, the worst terrorist attack on American soil was religiously bent,” wrote Smith. “In the wake of said attack, the leader of the ‘Free World’ outed himself as pretty damned Christian.”

However, he stressed that heightening religious tensions and safety concerns remained a major problem he’d have to overcome. The definitive end to a “Dogma” sequel, however, came in 2017, as the director revealed in a 2019 Business Insider interview that Harvey Weinstein had pitched the idea to him in a phone call. While Smith had said that he would consider it, no actual deal was made to greenlight it. 

A week after the call, Weinstein’s long history of sexual abuse was exposed by The New York Times. If that doesn’t kill a movie’s chances of production, I don’t know what will.

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