Taskmaster: Ranking Every Series From Merely Quite Good to Ludicrous Best

3. Series Seven 

Taskmaster Series 7

Kerry Godliman, James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Phil Wang, Rhod Gilbert

So many delights in Series 7! Phil Wang’s exposing costume, Kerry Godliman’s ‘bosh!’ approach to tasking, James Acaster’s continuing refusal to return a hello from Alex, Rhod Gilbert’s disturbingly singular imagination and Jessica Knappett falling off the stage while demonstrating her most magnificent walk. A particular treat in this series was that, like Roisin Conaty’s before him, Rhod Gilbert’s friendship with Greg Davies opened the door to insights into the Taskmaster’s life… and his wardrobe (which Rhod hid inside while Greg slept). Who else could get a picture of the Taskmaster’s mum in a fez, in the bath? Top-tier trolling from a clearly troubled soul, and an excellent set of contestants. LM

2. Series Four 

Taskmaster Series 4

Hugh Dennis, Joe Lycett, Lolly Adefope, Mel Giedroyc, Noel Fielding

There isn’t a name in this line-up that doesn’t inspire childlike joy, and all five contestants of Series 4 really do deliver pure unadulterated silliness with a dash of pure genius. While Noel Fielding manages to disguise himself as a tiny banana, Lolly Adefope shows she’s an absolute menace at Hide and Seek to the point that Alex basically gives up. The Mum and Dad of the group, Mel Giedroyc and Hugh Dennis, have equally as much blissful pride in working out how to get a camel through the smallest gap and knocking over a huge amount of rubber ducks in less than 10 seconds. And when Joe Lycett – much like Josh Widdecombe in Series 1, above – finds out he’s the only one who got a bizarre extra element to a painting task, we share the many, many, maniacally joyful looks on his face. LVG

1. Series Five

Taskmaster Series 5

Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Sally Phillips, Aisling Bea, Nish Kumar

Two words: Bob Mortimer. The others were good too, of course, but Bob Mortimer’s contribution to Taskmaster history was god-tier. From his spinning sausage and pork pie presentation unit (to encourage his children to eat the cheaper meats) to the special cuddle he had with Alex in the boot of his Audi, little he said or did wasn’t a cause for celebration in Series 5. Add to that Sally Phillips’ filthy mind, Aisling Bea’s quick wit, Mark Watson’s extreme dedication, and Nish Kumar’s utter inability to perform in very nearly every single task, and you’ve got a recipe for pure Taskmaster joy. How to narrow down the highlights? Send the Taskmaster an anonymous cheeky text every day for 5 months! The Rosalind songs! Make Marmite! Sally Phillip’s watercooler moment! Make this coconut look like a businessman! There’s not a dud among them. LM

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