The 12 Best Mr. Robot Episodes, Ranked

A significant portion of every great show’s legacy is the reaction to the series finale. Some shows such as “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” “The Leftovers,” and “The Wire” have such terrific final episodes that they reenergized their fanbases and made the shows more popular than ever before. However, popular shows like “Game of Thrones,” “Dexter,” and “House of Cards” ended on such disappointing notes that fans have become more hesitant about recommending them at all. Thankfully, “Mr. Robot” delivered a terrific final episode that brought Elliot’s journey full circle without tying things up too nicely.

The series concludes with two episodes titled “whoami” and “Hello, Elliot.” The title of the latter is a reference to the very first episode of the series, “” Sam Esmail made an incredibly brave decision with his final twist: The “Elliot” that we’ve been following is not Elliot but another illusion that he has created to process everything that has happened to him. Elliot’s mind spiraled out of control after he fell from the window as a child. He finally wakes up in the hospital, with Darlene there to greet him. Krista informs Elliot that he is “The Mastermind” that he’s been searching for.

This is an incredibly bold twist, but it reinforces the most important relationship in the series: Elliot and Darlene. Choosing to conclude the show with a bonding moment between siblings is powerful.

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