The Boys Season 4 Could Be A ‘Defining’ Moment For Erin Moriarty’s Starlight

Moriarty’s talk about this new season being a defining one for Annie makes us look back at season 3 and wonder if there were any missing opportunities for a defining moment there. A lot of her storyline revolved around her frustration with Hughie (Jack Quaid), who wanted to be strong as a supe like her. After the couple seem on the verge of breaking up, Hughie realizes that he doesn’t need to be a supe to be strong. Instead, he learns to lean into the strengths he already has and embrace his status as a normal dude.

This all culminates in the big supe battle in the finale where Hughie sees Annie losing a fight with Soldier Boy. He briefly considers taking the temporary Compound V to save her, but instead chooses to help her out in a healthier way: by turning up the lights in the room and giving Annie an unprecedented amount of strength to draw upon.

It’s a nice way to wrap up the storyline, except for the fact that Annie’s big attack on Soldier Boy is … kind of underwhelming. The show builds it up as if Annie’s about to unleash some new power we’ve never seen before, but all she does is knock Soldier Boy over. All he has to do is dust himself off a little, and he’s fine. Considering that Soldier Boy gets written out of the story a few minutes later anyway, the writers could’ve at least let Annie do a little more damage than she does here. 

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