The Crown’s Creator Is Careful About When He Chooses To Bend The Truth

“The Crown” unravels decades of British history, portraying the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding to her coronation and her reign until the early 21st century. The drama also focuses on the lives of multiple royal family members — its recent seasons covered the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the upcoming fifth season is set to depict their marital turmoil, among other significant events.

Sometimes, the show takes creative liberties, making changes necessary for narrative compression. During times like these, Peter Morgan heavily relies on the “covenant of trust” he shares with the show’s audience, the showrunner told The New York Times.

“They [the audience] understand a lot of it is conjecture. Sometimes there are unavoidable accuracy blips — an event might not have taken place where, or even when, I imagined it did. But I’m absolutely fastidious about there being an underlying truth.”

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