The Gamer’s Guide to Sneak Energy Drink Flavors

Breakfast Orange – Q*Bert

Do you ever miss the ’90s? Those were the simpler times. Enjoying Ken Griffey Jr. in his prime? Discovering classic anime like YuYu Hakusho, One Piece, and Cowboy Bebop for the first time? When the most newsworthy thing occurring at the White House was an alien spaceship blowing it up? Capturing that nostalgia is what Sneak’s Breakfast Orange is all about, and Q*Bert might just be the right creature for the job. 

Like a classic Sunny D commercial playing on your standard-definition mini-tv, the Breakfast Orange is all about the simpler times. Forget fancy graphics or cinematic storytelling, Q*Bert looks like a baby carrot gained sentience and simply loves jumping on different blocks to make the colors match up.

But make no mistake; the Breakfast Orange may be simple but it still provides the boost to your day, with plenty of vitamins and minerals to make for a strong substitute for, well, your daily breakfast!

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Neon Punch – Pac-Man

Look, do you want an explosion of flavor? Of course you do. Do you like classic arcade games? Of course you do. Pac-Man is both of those things, and his masterpiece might be Pac-Man: Championship Edition, which features the oh-so-delightful neon aesthetic that suits his classic gameplay perfectly. 

That’s really all that needs to be said. Pac-Man is the original arcade king, and those flashing lights are about as neon as neon gets. Do you ever notice how cool the word neon is? And while, yes, Pac-Man does obviously enjoy himself a good snack, I’m sure he’d appreciate low-calorie Sneak flavors make their way into his mazes for bonus points every now and then.

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