The Hood Could Be the MCU’s Next Big Street Level Villain

The Hood’s Gang 

The Hood couldn’t amass all his power and take such firm control of New York without some help. For starters, Robbins had his right-hand-woman by his side, who was arguably the brains of the operation and far more competent than he ever was. Giulietta Nefaria, or Whitney Frost as she would become known, suited up as the long-term Iron Man foe, Madame Masque. 

But this dynamic duo needed a much larger operation to truly maintain their position. That’s where The Hood’s Gang came in. While it was never given a more formal title, Robbins and Frost attempted to recruit and unite the many Z-list villains who had spent most of their lives being foiled by the very heroes they could now assist in detaining. 

The group might be one of the biggest villainous organizations that has ever been put together in the comics, with the sheer roster size out-matching The Masters of Evil and even the Thunderbolts. Quantity doesn’t always equal quality. Members included familiar faces like The Wrecking Crew, Wizard, Electro, Mister Fear and Hydro-Man, alongside barely recognizable thugs such as Mandrill, Man-Fish, Crimson Cowl and Griffin. 

Interestingly, there are already hints that The Hood’s gang could be taking shape on screen. The comic book variation of the criminal group absolutely benefited from the comedy-driven and lesser-known villains that had filled out the Marvel Universe. The Disney+ shows are providing plenty of them, but She-Hulk is more than pulling its weight on that front. 

From the trailers and initial episodes, alongside images that have been released for future instalments, it’s clear that Jennifer Walters is going to be encountering plenty of the thugs who have served in Hood’s Gang, or have the potential for that MCU iteration. Titania is already a notable candidate, but the upcoming inclusions of El Águila, The Porcupine, Man-Bull, The Wrecking Crew and Saracen indicate that there’s a chance this could be the start of the roster’s formation. 

It would be pretty fun to round out the roster of The Hood’s Gang with further forgettable villains that have already appeared across the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Marvel Studios want to build out the group quickly, then there’s a few ideal antagonists to bring in. 

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