The Mist Director Frank Darabont Turned Down A Much Larger Budget To Protect His Infamous Ending [Exclusive]

Now, the name “Weinstein” drums up a lot of negative energy, but Bob Weinstein is not his brother and, at the time, nobody knew the darkness that built that house of Weinstein. In any event, The Weinstein Company’s Dimension Films, at that time, felt like a great home for such a film. But could Darabont actually do “The Mist” for $18 million as opposed to $40 million? Could he do it in half the time and for far less financial reward on his end?

To figure it all out, the director actually turned to Stephen King himself, who put it all into perspective. “He responded by saying, ‘Okay, so take the pay cut. Work for scale. Why not? It’s the movie that you want to make. And by the way, there is a great tradition in our genre of working with lower budgets and restrained resources. Go make your low-budget movie.’ And I thought, ‘Okay, by God, I will.'” And so he did!

It doesn’t hurt that King is absolutely right about that tradition in genre film. It’s also different math when one is staring down the barrel of a dream project that the creator of the source material has signed off on. But would Weinstein stay out of Darabont’s way and let him make the movie his way? That was the only lingering question.

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