The My Hero Academia Season 6 Premiere Breaks a Major Precedent

The other real standout sequence that’s born out of the heroes’ intricate battle plan is Team Endeavor’s ambush of Dr. Garaki at Jaku Hospital. The surprise attack begins on a comedic note, but it quickly turns into the most emotional scene from the premiere. It’s extremely satisfying as the heroes just heap insults at Garaki for his abuse of Quirks and science in his twisted attempts to play God. The moments where Present Mic and Eraser Head get to cathartically cut down Garaki because of what he did to Oboro Shirakumo, before he’d become Kurogiri, become some of the highlights in “A Quiet Beginning.” They’re brief exchanges, but they provide these two with decades of closure over what’s happened to their best friend. It’s an important emotional wound to explore and reopen right on the cusp of an unprecedented battle between these two opposing forces.

And on that note, Shigaraki’s metamorphosis still may be a month away from “completion,” but Dr. Garaki still manages to launch a barrage of High-End Nomu, all of which would give Tetsuo from Akira pause. Rabbit Hero: Mirko boldly leads the assault against these genetically-engineered beasts, which concludes this episode on a triumphant cliffhanger, yet one that’s not manipulative. There’s a genuine sense of accomplishment that’s felt by the end of “A Quiet Beginning.” This episode absolutely flies by, but there’s still something to show for it all 

“A Quiet Beginning” isn’t without its share of action, but the episode is true to its name as a mellow start to something bigger. So much of this premiere is consumed by everyone’s plans coming to fruition and the anxiety that’s born out of plans needing to turn into action. That being said, there are still some more muted, disconnected moments in this episode that really shine.

The brief check-in with Shoto’s siblings that highlights how they’re becoming well-adjusted individuals who don’t hate their family is unnecessary, but deeply appreciated. In the face of life or death stakes, My Hero Academia still makes sure that it has the time to emotionally touch base with its colossal cast of characters. Speaking of which, the new opening and ending themes for the series are such bangers and Studio Bones’ visuals are at the top of their game.

After six seasons, it’s more than understandable for action-heavy shonen anime like My Hero Academia to begin to show signs of fatigue, which makes this revitalized premiere such a promising start to the season. It’s entirely possible that season six will fumble this goodwill and eventually suffer from pacing problems, like in the past, but it’s already off to a stronger start than seasons four and five. In what appears to be the series’ most dangerous and battle-centric season–and these are real battles with fatal stakes instead of school-sanctioned competitions–My Hero Academia has all of the ingredients to turn out its most satisfying year yet.

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