The Rings Of Power Brings A ‘Great Wave’ Of Doom Over A Scattershot Episode

You know what’s underrated? When writers don’t hold back on crucial details as some sort of a twist to be revealed and instead lean on foreshadowing to maximize drama … even if that means “giving away” the ending, so to speak.

As someone who knows far too much Middle-earth lore than should be socially acceptable, it’s been tricky to talk about the kingdom of Númenor without quite being sure of what would be considered a spoiler for “The Rings of Power.” Thankfully, that question was put to rest during the very opening scene of episode 4. In the most haunting sequence of the show so far, Queen Míriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) dreams about a vision that has haunted her for quite some time now — the seemingly inevitable destruction of the island via a monstrous tsunami.

Here’s our first real glimpse into what’s driving this mysterious queen regent, who’s presented initially as an antagonistic force to Galadriel (Morfyyd Clark) but otherwise seems to genuinely have her kingdom’s best interests at heart. Between this vision, last week’s tease of her unseen royal father, and Galadriel’s repeated promises to return to Middle-earth with an army, it’s clear that Míriel has been set up for a significant role moving forward.

From what we’ve seen of them so far, the Númenoreans are a proud and stubborn people, descending from a rich lineage of ancestors who fought side by side with elves against the might of Morgoth. Although they now live in an idyllic “paradise” (to use Halbrand’s own word, which seems increasingly more ill-suited by the second) at the height of their power, the cracks are already beginning to show.

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