The Rings Of Power Season 2 Will Feature Bigger Battles And Big Moments From The Appendices

In the interview, Vernon Sanders was asked whether we’ll see bigger battles in the second season of “Rings of Power.” He said, “Yes, I can say you will see bigger battles in season two, including some iconic moments from the appendices and the books.” Which battles could they be? The next huge clash happens in SA 1693 between the elves and Sauron, which seems awfully far away to be the one he’s talking about (if what we’ve seen so far takes place around SA 1600). Of course, Númenor’s fall happens in SA 3319. Time is very compressed in the series, and they haven’t exactly been sticking to the source material, so perhaps there’s a new battle, or the timeline will be moved around a bit. 

He also says that the show’s pace will speed up because the characters and stakes have been established, and that “we’re going to watch some characters in some lands go to war.” It’s possible that we might see Pharazôn’s (Trystan Gravelle) attack on the elven Undying Lands (while under the influence of Sauron), which is the beginning of the end of the island nation. However, season 2 seems a bit early for that. 

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