The Rings Of Power Sows The Seeds Of Galadriel’s Dark Side

That’s not just a promise to fight enemy forces. That’s a promise of genocide. Adar sees it. She’s just given him a key to fight against her. He even suggests that she herself might be the successor to the evil Morgoth, rather than Sauron. There is no talk of helping this elf who has been corrupted by evil. No discussion about bringing him to her side or any compromise. Even after the truth of her evil speech is thrown in her face, she still threatens him and actually slices his neck before Halbrand stops her. 

None of this bodes well for her future or the war that is coming. In fact, it may be her need for power — even if she’s planning on using it for the good of the world — that blinds her to what’s coming in terms of the rings. Even thousands of years later, when the fellowship of the ring comes to her for help, she still can’t turn her need for power off completely. 

Galadriel has a dark side, and it goes deep. That’s not so great for Middle-earth and the rest of Arda, or the people and creatures who live there, but it is beautiful for audiences to witness. Our Galadriel is no paragon of virtue. She’s flawed. Her goal so blinds her that she can’t see any other path but violence when the rage takes her. It’s far more interesting to watch than a serene and wise elf lady. It makes it easier to connect with the character ourselves. 

I would, however, not want to be an Uruk in her universe.

“The Rings of Power” is streaming on Prime Video.

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