The Simpsons Wants Your Creepy Krusty the Clown Art

Do you have a favorite “Treehouse of Horror?”

They’re all so good. I have some favorites, in addition to the classic ones. I love the one about The Great Pumpkin, the Peanuts special parody we did. One of my favorites was “The Ned Zone,” where Ned can predict the future. I’m part of the modern Simpsons era, for better or worse. I’m going to pick two modern ones that I think are great. And I do love the Thanksgiving horror.

Last season, scary season lasted longer than “Treehouse.” Will there be other holiday fright treats?

It’s possible. It’s not in the works yet, but it is all possible. We’ve done Christmas trilogies already, and some of them have been violent and scary. So, I feel like we covered that. We haven’t really done a lot of other trilogies recently. They’re very expensive and time consuming. They usually take you into another world, expensive background designs, new characters and fancy animation.

I wanted to get your response to the Rolling Stone ranking.

The ranking. We’ll take it. We’ll accept it. It’s very flattering. People can judge if it’s good or bad on their own, but it’s hard to argue that it’s one of the most influential shows in the history of television, in terms of how it changed people, how people saw the world, how people saw television, how people saw comedy, how people saw storytelling.

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