The Thirteenth Doctor Fights Her Final Battle

I’ll confess that I’m not a Whovian and have only ever seen one episode of the show; what I know of “Doctor Who” is limited to what I’ve read in industry news or heard from other enthusiastic viewers. So I’m not the best person to offer commentary on this trailer for “The Power of the Doctor,” though I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of Whittaker. “Doctor Who” has served as a launch pad for a number of other actors who remain well-known outside the franchise.

Right now, you can see the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, on another one of the biggest shows on television, HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” which happens to co-star David Tennant’s son, Ty Tennant. Meanwhile, the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, was recently cast in the fourth season of “True Detective” on the same network, where he also co-starred in three seasons of “The Leftovers.”

The aforementioned Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, has landed himself in serial killer jail in the upcoming Prime Video series, “The Devil’s Hour,” while Tennant is fresh off a starring role in BBC One’s “Inside Man,” which hits Netflix on October 31 and is written by former “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat.

The moral of the story is: the power of each Doctor extends well beyond “Doctor Who.” So if you’re sad about Whittaker leaving the show, know that she’ll probably regenerate in another movie or TV series just as surely as the Doctor will regenerate as “Sex Education” star Ncuti Gatwa.

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