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The first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans lets audiences into a world of wonder.

The semi-biographical Universal film, co-written by Tony Kushner, tells the story of Spielberg’s early life and stars Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen and Gabriel LaBelle.

“Movies are dreams that you never forget,” a voiceover opens the trailer, as shots play of Sammy Fabelman, based on Spielberg, exploring how a film camera works after being introduced to one by his mom (Williams).

As the more than two-minute glimpse at the film continues, viewers get a sense that the Fabelmans have a divide among their family. “It’s the scientists versus the artists,” Williams’s Mitzi says. “Sammy’s on my team, takes after me.”

Williams tells Dano’s Burt that he doesn’t support Sammy’s creative mind. “You dismiss what he does, it’s playful or imaginative,” she says. “You could afford to be a little encouraging.”

Over the course of the trailer, Sammy goes back and forth between making his mother and his father proud, with his uncle, played by Rogen, telling him if he stops making movies, it’ll break his mom’s heart.

After The Fabelmans premiered at TIFF, Spielberg and his cast sat down for a Q&A about the film, with the filmmaker explaining that the pandemic is what made him realize he was ready to tell his story — albeit a slightly fictionalized version of it.

“I remember, as the death toll mounted, we kept watching the reports of what was happening throughout the country and the world and I kept thinking, ‘What is this going to mean for humanity? How far is this pandemic going to actually take us?’” he said. “And I kept thinking, ‘Well, if I’m going to tell a story that I’ve always wanted to tell about a coming-of-age in this very unique family with a very unique mother and father, this may be the best time.’”

The Fablemans hits theaters on Nov. 11.

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