Why Anastasia’s Dimitri Is The Best Animated Love Interest

“Anastasia” naturally drew comparisons to Disney, but one of the things that the film does better is craft a sharply-written, dynamic, and downright swoon-worthy love interest. A lot of the Disney princes—such as Prince Eric in “The Little Mermaid,” Prince Charming from “Cinderella,” or the nameless Prince in “Snow White“—don’t have much of a personality. They are bland, generically handsome men who immediately sweep the princesses off their feet.

Dimitri is different, a unique mix of sarcastic, brave, and tender that makes him a really great character. He isn’t a flawless prince. He’s got a dark agenda before meeting Anya. “Anastasia” draws out their love story, making viewers wait on bated breath Anya and Dimitri transform from animosity to love while they undergo personal changes. It’s a believable romance that doesn’t fit the fairytale mold.

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