Why Taskmaster’s Worst Contestants Are the Show’s Real Winners

Roisin’s Conaty’s Best Worst Task: Paint a Picture of a Horse, While Riding a Horse

We got an insight into how much effort Roisin Conaty was going to put into her Taskmaster appearance fairly early on in her series. During episode one, contestants had to draw a picture of a horse while riding a horse, but to the outrage of her fellow contestants, it was revealed that Roisin refused to get on the horse and was allowed to complete the task while riding a mechanical horse instead. And her drawing was still rubbish.

Series two: Joe Wilkinson (total series points: 69)

The nonchalant silliness of Joe Wilkinson is a delight at the best of times, but made him one of Taskmaster’s most memorable contestants. From attempting to impress the mayor with some lager and 42 Calippo ice lollies to deciding to forfeit the ‘eat this egg as quickly as possible’ task so he could enjoy a leisurely fry-up, Joe Wilkinson completed tasks in his own inimitable style. But it was a different task entirely that led to arguably Taskmaster’s best ever moment:

Joe Wilkinson’s Best Worst Task: Throw a Potato Into A Golf Hole, Without Touching The Red Green

The sheer eruption of joy in the audience as they watched Joe Wilkinson get his potato on target on his first throw was surely mirrored in pubs and living rooms up and down the land, much like a World Cup goal. But oh, what happens next was tragic almost as tragic as losing on penalties, and probably one of the worst outcomes in all thirteen series of Taskmaster so far:

Series three: Paul Chowdhry (total series points: 66)

With a humour so dry he verges on the disturbing, Paul Chowdry played Taskmaster like he didn’t really want to be there, a bit he impressively committed to for the entire series. His lacklustre efforts included ‘surprising’ Alex by hiding in a cardboard box dressed as a clown for 45 minutes, and ‘spreading his clothes as far and wide as possible’ by draping them around the Taskmaster garden and chucking a sock over the fence.

Paul Chowdhry’s Best Worst Task: Make the Best Snowman

This pretty much sums up Chowdhry’s overall approach to his tasks, and has the bonus of one of the series’ most iconic lines: ‘bastard’s crying, innit’.

Series four: Lolly Adefope (total series points: 125)

If the task was ‘be the sweetest Taskmaster contestant ever’, Lolly would win five points any day of the week. When it came to destroying a cake, she smeared it on the wall in the shape of a lovely heart. When she has to choreograph a dance routine to a ringtone, she adds a storyline that involves her telling Alex Horne ‘friendship is truth and I believe in you all the way.’ She wasn’t even that terrible a contestant, her big (non-cakey) heart just got in the way sometimes.

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