Why Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho Took the Partner Track at Netflix

That was one of my favorite things about this show. I knew when I read all the episodes and I couldn’t put them down that it was a good sign. The second they sent me all the episodes, I started reading and I had to cancel my dinner because I was like, “oh, no, no, no, I’m on episode five. Wait, wait, wait– okay, I’m on episode six. Oh, wait, wait, wait– she’s arrested? I gotta keep reading.” Brilliant, brilliant writers – I would never have even thought of that, but so good. Hopefully, onscreen, you know, we give it justice.

As a woman of color myself, I’m Latina, I feel like there are a lot of uncomfortable situations and unsettling feelings portrayed in this series that women, especially WOC, are going to easily relate to. What do you hope the takeaway is for them? And then what do you hope it teaches those who haven’t had to face that sort of thing in the workplace or in life?

I hope every woman feels seen. Maybe it’s just a glance at each other. Maybe it’s just women acknowledging each other. Maybe it’s a woman standing up and saying, “Hey, don’t apologize. Don’t say sorry for something you don’t need to be sorry for. Don’t feel the need to do someone else’s work.” It’s the idea of women starting to say, “hey, let me have your back,” and what’s amazing is I have friends like that in my life and I would not have made it this far in life without them, without them saying, “hey, Arden, boundaries girl.” Just being taken care of and looked after with that solidarity is very special. Also having men be aware: I have so many great men in my life, who see it. I have co-stars who are such great guys, who are very aware. 

I hope the people who are unaware, who have not seen it, are going to watch it and say, “Oh, wow. Oh, that’s really uncomfortable,” and “Oh, I’ve said that before, but that was not my intention.” Because that’s the other thing, sometimes I believe that people say microaggressions or they say things with no ill intent, but it is received, unfortunately, not well and sometimes it takes a little educating. A lot of times people are more receptive to it than we’d know. And of course, it’s not our duty to educate. It’s not our job, but it’s nice that on a platform like this that we can in a fun and dramatic way educate without really planning to. It’s a simple thing as seeing all the boys doing the boys’ thing and bonding in the office and you’re like, “Um, hi, can I be a part of this?” or “why am I not a part of this?” Even in that, it’s like, maybe you didn’t intend to leave us out, but you did. You didn’t invite us to beer and wings at the pub but maybe you should have.

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