Why The Avengers Won’t Come To The Rescue In Marvel’s Secret Invasion

According to all the creative minds behind the Disney+ series, we can expect to see a side of Nick Fury that we’ve never seen before: in “Secret Invasion,” he’s more vulnerable than ever before. Plot specifics are still being guarded, but Fury’s vulnerability might have something to do with the fact that this particular conflict is both geopolitical and personal.

“Sins from his past start to haunt him once again,” executive producer Jonathan Schwartz revealed to Vanity Fair. “We often see Nick Fury doing the right thing. We don’t always see him doing it in a perfectly morally correct way. All of those things have ramifications. Without getting too specific, the things that Nick Fury’s had to do to protect the Earth have costs.”

The series picks up when Fury uncovers a conspiracy to install double agents into positions of power all around the world. This isn’t exactly brand new territory for him — it’s not entirely unlike Hydra infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. way back in Phase Two. But there is one seismic complication: this time, those infiltrating are Skrulls, shape-shifting extraterrestrials who can appear as any human being at whim. And they’re turning against humanity because of Fury’s broken promise.

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