Wild Network Sitcom Don’t Trust The B– In Apt. 23 Left The Party Early

In the end, viewers were left with a frustratingly short and disorganized viewing experience, as several episodes from the second season were never aired. Luckily, they were restored on Hulu in 2013, in an early example of a series finding a new home on streaming. Alas, though, Hulu only signed off on streaming the episodes that had already been made, and no more seasons of “Don’t Trust the B—–” were ever made.

The show didn’t leave too many loose ends behind, but the one plot thread it didn’t tie up is impressively random. In the final episode, Van Der Beek seeks out his birth father, only to discover that it may or may not be “MacGyver” actor Richard Dean Anderson. The episode ends on a joke that shows the series wasn’t anywhere near ready to end, as he meets Anderson and ends up with the door shut in his face. Elsewhere, Chloe and June start to trust each other more as friends after Chloe finally deals with the baggage of a past reality dance show-related betrayal.

“Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23” is so creatively outlandish that had it continued, there’s no telling where it would have gone. Its plots are nearly always surprising, but Van Der Beek did tell Vulture about one possible storyline he and Khan had considered. In it, the meta version of himself would turn the cop drama he wrote in season 1, called “Fingered,” into a musical. Based on everything the show gave us in its first two seasons, I trust that every one of its songs would’ve been bangers.

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