Will Supernatural Fans Embrace The Winchesters?

If you hadn’t already heard, The Winchesters is a prequel, focusing on the love affair between John Winchester and Mary Campbell, or Mom and Dad Winchester. By being set in the ‘70s, it has managed to keep the vibe of the original show somewhat intact, complete with a kickass classic rock soundtrack. On top of that, it focuses on two characters we feel as though we already know, and are no doubt rooting for, because if they don’t survive and, of course, hook up then there’d be no Sam and Dean. So does this mean Supernatural fans will be satisfied?

Is It Really Made For The SPN Family?

Narrated by Dean Winchester himself, you’d be more than a little confused if your first introduction to the world of Sam and Dean was The Winchesters’ pilot episode. You are required to be at least somewhat familiar with the characters and dynamics of the original show, meaning that The Winchesters is without a doubt geared towards Supernatural devotees, but does it consider what the fans really want?  

Seeing Dean’s onscreen return is a goosebump inducing moment in the trailer – and even when witnessing it in the pilot. We are able to dive straight back into the SPN multiverse as if we had never left. First off, Dean isn’t just narrating. In fact he’s back on screen and behind the wheel of the Impala, digging into his parents’ journals to find out the real story of their life before little Dean and Sam were conceived. Does this mean that we are going to be seeing Dean back on the road again as a permanent fixture of the new show? It sure feels like Dean will be back in a larger capacity than just a voice-over. As he explains at the very end of the pilot, “This isn’t what we were led to believe, but I’m gonna uncover the truth about mom and dad. Piece together how looking for their father’s brought them together and how that put them on a mission to save the world, and led to us becoming a family”.

Fans of Supernatural will of course be quite familiar with the so-called tale of Mary and John Winchester. We are first introduced to mom and dad in the first season, and the backstory of Mary’s death. When Sam was a baby and Mary was killed by the demon Azazel, John was driven to learn about the world of demons and the paranormal and become a hunter. John pursues the demon to his own detriment, and after he vanishes in 2005, Dean seeks Sam’s help to track him down. After Sam’s own partner is killed in the same fashion as his mother, he joins his brother in their quest for revenge and the rest is history.

What fans need

First off, this story is about John and Mary. Did we even want a flick that delves into their love story or even either of them taking up the roles of protagonists at all? There are a few concerns from fans concerning the focus on John and Mary, primarily if they will be a little more likable than they were on the original show and whether the couple will encounter Azazel.

We asked the Supernatural subreddit community what they want and don’t want from The Winchesters. Redditor Throwawayfishfingers responded that one aspect that would make them outright hate the prequel is if “they dropped the penny about their plans for Sam that early on. Foreshadowing is fine, but if John and Mary knew that early on what Azazel and company wanted, it would basically erase what little sympathy I have for John and the choices he made in SPN.”

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