Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer Breakdown: A First Look at Governor John Dutton

In one of the most impressive shots of the trailer, John can be seen wandering down a hallway, looking professional in his dress-blacks, with Beth to his left and former governor and sometimes lover, Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz), to his right. With two of the strongest women in his life behind him, it’s no surprise that John won the election.

In perhaps a welcome change from the constant tension between Jamie and Beth, we see the two perhaps on the same page, as Jamie is seen giving both Beth and his adopted father advice on the dirty political game. This, as always between Jamie and the pure-blood Duttons, may be an uneasy peace, but for now it would seem Jamie has accepted his new fate, and once again belongs in the pocket of John.

We also get a glimpse into how quickly John will manipulate his newfound position, as the trailer shows him slamming a large conference table with his fist and declaring that all present staff are fired. Immediately after, John is seen appointing Beth as his new Chief of staff. Considering how often Beth has been the family pitbull when it comes to their ruthless business endeavors, the power behind the throne became a little more powerful herself. 

Enemies, Old and New

When John is sworn in, there’s a great line delivery by Costner where he speaks of protecting Montana against threats both “foregin and domestic.” The metaphor is clear. By “Montana,” he means his family, and by “enemies foreign and domestic,” he’s referencing the antagonistic forces that have often come for the Duttons. This is a powerful reminder of why he took the position of Governor in the first place – to protect his way of life and the Yellowstone ranch.  The trailer edits in two quick shots of some familiar foes, Caroline Warner (Jackie Weaver) and Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham).

Rainwater, who is often an uneasy ally to the Duttons, apparently has business with the new Governor, as he’s heard telling John, “We need to talk.” The two are seen outside, in a fairly private setting, which can only mean that what they’re about to discuss is not above board (as is often the case within the show).

Warner, that tiny bastion of profanity and ire, seems to be riled up even more than last season by the Duttons, as she has a few choice words about them. What’s most notable about the trailer in terms of this subplot is not that Warner now has a pitbull of her own. Newcomer Lilli Kay plays Clara Brewer, who is clearly a corporate ringer, as Warner is seen ordering Brewer to “ruin” the Duttons, specifically telling her to go after Beth first. Perhaps Beth has finally met her equal.

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