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Bliss (2021) movie review

Bliss stars Owen Wilson as Greg Wittle, a man going through what appears to be some kind of mental breakdown. Greg spends most of his working day ignoring work duties and instead drawing pictures of a better life. As you can imagine, this isn’t going down too well with his colleagues and more importantly his boss. Summoned to his managers office, Greg is fired in unceremonious fashion and accidentally kills his boss. He then proceeds to hide the dead man behind his office curtains before dashing over the road to a bar.

At the bar, Greg meet a mysterious lady called Isabel, played by Salma Hayek. She offers Greg a way out of his precarious situation, an offer he simply can’t refuse. Isabel then convinces Greg to partake in illegal substance abuse that will change his perspective on life entirely. According to her, they are real but everything around them is not.

From this point we are now on a journey into this new life that seems to have given the duo special powers. As they delve deeper into this new world they end up in a place that strikingly resembles the sketches we saw Greg drawing back at his office. It’s up to the audience to decide themselves what is real and what isn’t. Greg is pulled between his old reality, where his daughter is becoming increasingly concerned about his behaviour, and this new life of his envisioned bliss.

Worth watching?

Don’t be fooled into thinking Bliss will offer you any comedy value despite the leading cast. This is a badly acted, very odd and often confusing movie. I am sure the goal was to offer mind bending, thought provoking situations. But in the end, it misses the mark in every possible way.



Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek go on a long hallucinatory trip. But there is not much entertainment in what is an odd and often confusing science fiction movie.

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